A Guide To Selecting The Right Toys For Your Toddler

Selecting the Right Ride-On Toy for Kids

Ride-on toys range from the best pedal cars for toddlers to pint-sized replicas of the family car. Bicycles, skates, and tricycles are all types of ride-on toys, and they can offer your kids a variety of benefits. Your children’s skills, safety and age all play a role in choosing the best smart trikes at every stage.

Choose Safe Ride-On Toys

All ride-ons carry a certain risk of colliding with an obstacle, tipping or falling. However, you can minimize these risks by looking for toys with safety features. The simplest and best kids play trains may lack brakes, but they’re slow enough for most kids to stop without help. Bicycles should have hand or back-pedal brakes, and motorized toys should have a maximum speed setting. Regardless of which safety features your child’s new toy has, they should wear protective gear at all times.

Test Toys for Balance

It’s vital for children to be able to operate ride-on toys without falling over. Help them out by choosing a model with a relatively tipping point, and one with wheels that are wide-set to support weight and add stability. If possible, allow your child to have a supervised test ride before you buy.

Kid Power vs. Battery Power

Today’s ride-on toys can be powered through pedaling and pushing, or by electric motors. Each toy is right for different age groups, and you should consider your children’s ages and maturity levels when making purchases. A self-propelled toy may tip or wobble if your child hasn’t developed the coordination to push and steer at the same time. Motorized ride-ons only need steering, but you should supervise your kids to prevent them from tipping or running into things.

Choose Toys With Longevity and Staying Power

Ride-ons and the best marble run for toddlers can be costly depending on model, and you should choose something your kids will want to use for more than a few weeks. Some kids want the latest toys they see on TV, but most don’t live up to the hype. Look for toys that build skills and provide entertainment, such as the best dollhouses for kids. When kids like the style, color and function of a toy, they’re more likely to keep revisiting it.

Choose Toys that Fit Your Kids

Regardless of which skill level and age a toy is intended for, it should be a match for your kids’ needs and interests. A child who likes to run around won’t be interested in the best wall stickers for nursery. By learning about your kids’ interests and play styles, you can choose the right toys.

Whether they’re battery- or manually-powered, ride-ons are a significant amount of fun for kids. Any child may start playing with simple toys when they’re young, and move on to more complex toys such as the best toy guitars and motorized-ride-ons.